Dynasty Startup - I am looking to join one

I am looking to join a dynasty startup. No IDPs. Preferably 12 team, Superflex if possible. Thanks!

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Starting a 12tm, SF, TEP. for players with (0-1 year exp) interested?


DM me on sleeper @TheShlug if you’re interested in joining a 0.5PPR Superflex BestBall format dynasty startup

I’m starting up a 10 team superflex, DM me on Sleeper asully92 if you’re interested.

12 team, Superflex, IDP, .5 ppr with 1 ppr TE Premium
$30 leauguesafe

Draft will be on 4/2 with a 4 hour clock

or hit me up @bachoc on sleeper

We need to fill two spots

I am looking to add another dynasty and prefer a startup. Message me: @KDub79 on sleeper.