Dynasty startup league 12 man - $25

Searching for players for a brand new dynasty start up! $25 entry fee! HALF PPR!


I’m interested if you have any available spots. macdaddy86 is my username on sleeper

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Pacificgiant94 On sleeper

Hey man! Id be interested, sleeper ID: davoogs

I’m interested too. sleeper id: JonDonGB12

Sounds good!

You’ve been added.

Adding you now!

Im interested. SID: MayoLK

I’m interested as well I’d evisius

I am interested. Sleeper ID: NewEra8Bmore

I’m interested in joining if there’s still openings! Sleeper name is PickleRick1023

If there’s a spot left I’m in!!

Sleeper name MaalDeNiro88

I’m in if you still need someone Patrickmudd12 is the username

Im interested please send me info. Sleeper ID: DoubleDizzle
Email: jag3534@yahoo.com


@BlessedbyDaGOAT on sleeper

Interested! Sleeper I’d: purk4u

ID: BeerMeWaukee

Carrierbri if still spots open