Dynasty Startup League (details are up in the air and open for discussion)

Tiered PPR
WR Heavy
TE (premium)
WR/TE Flex
Super Flex

.5 per catch
.11 per yard (to create tiers

22 players
2 taxi

2 Matchups per week - H2H and 1vsMedian

4 playoff teams
week 14 semi-final
2 week championship week (wk 15-16)

3 divisions
best record from each division gets playoff spot
Most “Points for” (non division winner) gets 4th spot

Platform: Sleeper

Everything is subject to change

We are looking for candidates with dynasty experience, highly active individuals looking to meet new people and interact, and those highly interested in trade activity

Hey there.

Happy to join, got experience and am as active as one can be and love trades, just never had a league on sleeper.

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Sleeper is awesome and super user friendly. A bit of background about myself and the league: I am starting this league with one of my close buddies. Hes in charge of rules and setting and I am working on sourcing great candidates. We want to be fairly selective as we have been in two leagues together with our close friends and there is an obvious separation between highly active and motivated owners and those that put our leagues by the wayside creating a huge disparity. Our goal is to create a highly competitive league of fun owners. We have a core of individuals that have a few years dynasty experience and we are building on that. As of now we have no time frame to be up and running but hoping to make that sooner than later. Would love to get to know you a bit more and see where this goes! Thanks for reaching out!

I would be down to join.
@SlowMo94 on sleeper. Keep me posted if I’m in please

I’ll join. blakebondie9 on sleeper. Im a commissioner of a dynasty league that i started on these forums 5 years ago, that league is more traditional rules and scoring and i like the idea of the superflex and premium TE. Hopefully i make the cut!

i’d be interested…is there a buy-in and how many teams are there?

strams25 on sleeper

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12 teams and there will be a buy-in. I am not in charge of the buy in but I am hearing the guy who is in charge of this is pushing for $50-$100. More than likely we will use “Safe Leagues” to ensure all the money is handled safely given most of us will be unfamiliar with each other, at first. Once we get comfortable with one another we may branch out to avoid the fees related to this application.

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I think we would love to have someone with your acumen. Commish background is excellent and I am assuming you meet the criteria of highly active and a tough/active tradesman?

yeup, ill talk a little smack love making trades and am just am pretty obessed with fantasy football in general lol

I am adding you now, I will message you. Be on the lookout

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sounds good…will an invite be sent or do i need to provide a resume?

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I like our style already lol… i am about to add you on sleeper and shoot you a message. Be on the look out

sounds good

I sent you a message

I am interested in learning more. Would you want to chat over text or maybe download sleeper and shoot me your username so I can add/message you?

Did you get my message in sleeper?


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Whatsup, I am definitely crazy active in fantasy. I havent been in a dynasty before but am definitely familiar with it. Ive been in redraft leagues forever. Ive been wanting to join a dynasty for a while. So let me know :+1:

You looking for a league?