Dynasty Startup League Openings?

Hey everyone. I’m really interested in joining a dynasty startup league. This would be my first dynasty league but I’ve been doing redraft leagues for over 10 years. My preference would be no buy in but I would be willing to pay a $25 buy in. Let me know if anyone has an open spot.


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I second this. My Sleeper ID is iamlwhaley.

Similarly, this is my first year doing dynasty also but have been consistently doing redraft/keeper. Am willing to do a $25 buy in.

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I have a 2 qb dynasty startup! $50 buy-in. The link is below.

Howdy! I know you both are looking for $25, but I’m in a $30 league that is set to draft this Sunday and we just had two players drop. Auction draft. 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/2Flex/1SF and we are debating half PPR or tiered by position. Should be fun if you are interested!