Dynasty Startup League Trade

Should i trade 2.01 and 3.12 for 1.09 and a 2021 3rd? First time ever doing a dynasty league is starting up this weekend. Any tips are great

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No. Don’t give up picks for next years value especially in a startup

I’m not too concerned with next years pick, just didn’t know if it was worth the move up to 1.09 to have 2 first rounders this year with the league just starting

You’re only moving up a few spots and giving away your 3rd rounder I personally wouldn’t do it

I probably would not. If I were, though, if absolutely hey a 2021 2nd to offset the risk.

But for such a small move I do not think it’s worth it. Player quality is so tight in that window there’s not much reason to pay.

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Is that 2021 3rd round pick a rookie draft pick next year? If that’s the case do not do this trade, that’s equivalent to a mediocre rookie that has a very small chance of paying off. The 3rd round you would be giving up in a startup draft is a stud.

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