Dynasty Startup or Joining a League

Hey footclan members, I am interested in joining a dynasty startup or if there is enough interest creating my own (we can decide rules and everything once the league is setup).

Let me know if people are interested or have a league. Thanks!

Hey there! I would definitely be interested in a startup.

Hello, I have a new dynasty league startup from this year with some other people on here would you be interested in joining? Its half ppr and theres 2 slots left.

I would like to join if there is still spots available. Let me know the details

Hey there! I have an orphan team available in my 10 team dynasty league. It’s a unique league where we have 13 total starters and 29 man rosters (2QB, 3 RB, 5WR, 2TE, Flex, 8 bench, 2 IR, 3 taxi). Buy-in is $107 and we’re going to switch over from MFL to sleeperbot in the next week or so. If you want to be in a fun, active, unique league let me know and I’ll share more details.


I would definitely be interested in joining!


I am interested could you share more details with me.

Here are screenshots of the squad. We just started up last year and although this is one of the better teams in the league the owner decided he couldn’t commit the time. The chat isn’t as active as I would like atm but we have good owners and most of us live in the Chicago area and we had over half the league live draft last year. Plus I do a weekly podcast for the league during the season Andy have done a few pods during the off season already as well. Everything else should be outlined in what I said already. Experience is nice but really I’m just looking for a commited owner who wants to be in a unique, large starting line-up league. If that sounds good to you feel free to email me at Levie.zummak@gmail.com and we’ll go from there.

Sent you an email!

Hey I’m interested my email is tylerwlamb@gmail.com

Hey there! I would definitely be interested in joining a dynasty startup if there is still room

email is mvm0328@gmail.com

I am also interested in joining a dynasty startup. I’m okay with a buy in, just want an active league

Email is:jmmccook@gmail.com

Hey email me at reginsnake@gmail.com

Looking to join a Dynasty Startup as well: DavidCollins986@gmail.com