Dynasty startup pick advise

I have the 1.02 and 1.09. after that I have my 3rd and 2 5th Rd picks.
If I take Zeke/Saquon with the 1.02 do I have to take WR with the 1.09 or is someone like mixon/bell/Connor a better move?

Keep in mind you don’t have another pick until round 3 after that. I would go Adams or Juju if they were still available at 9. If you wanted RB there I would go Gurley/Mixon/DJ. I wouldn’t take Bell or Conner that early. But I would go Zeke/Barkley at 1.02 and Adams/Juju at 1.09 then in the 3rd round get someone like Kerryon Johnson.

Thanks. Im really liking that I moved up into the first but missing that 4th round pick is making me nervous. I would prefer Adams if available, it’s just that I’ve always played Redraft leagues and usually go RB/RB

I would go with RB/WR combo. But you cant always go with that. If a stud RB is staring at you (not saying it would happen but) like Cmac you cant pass it up. Just go with the flow of the draft, And take best available but look at RB/WR mix

I would def look at WR at the 1.09 because they are falling in drafts. If a top 5 RB falls though, pivot.