Dynasty Startup Pick Trade

In a Dynasty Startup would you complete the trade below?

Give up:
Pick 1.01 and Pick 4.12

Pick 1.04 and Pick 2.09

It depends on what player you are targeting, and also the scoring format of the league.
Mind sharing more details?

It’s relatively standard. Non-PPR. However here is a 2 point bonus when a player has more than 9 receptions and a 2 point bonus when running back has more than 30 rushing attempts

I would do it. With 1.04, you will get one of Gurley, Zeke, DJ, Bell, AB, OBJ, Nuk. I’m happy starting a Dynasty with Gurley, Zeke, OBJ or Nuk as my top player. And then the 2.09 will give you way more value than your 4th rounder. It will also allow you to have 4 top 37 players (1.04, 2.09, 2.12, 3.01). That should give you a great foundation. Just my 2 cents.

If i had the startup 1.01 that’s the type of package i would be wanting to get, because you get 4 picks in the top 25 picks so you should be pretty well set core team wise. However if this is the first offer someone sent you i’d probably try to get a 2019 rookie pick in the 1st/2nd round or some other random late rounder in the startup.

I like to put names to the draft picks, kinda like what the people above have suggested.

Would your trade Gurley (1.01) and Golden Tate (4.12) for Zeke/DJ/Bell and Dalvin Cook

Or would you trade OBJ (1.01) and Golden Tate (4.12) for Nuk/Evans/Brown and Tyreek Hill?

Here are a couple online tools you can use:

My favorite: