Dynasty startup...question about rookie draft

Hey #footclan! I’m commissioning a dynasty startup and was curious about rookie drafts. Suppose we had a roster size of 30, and have a 5 round rookie draft in the offseason. Is each team then required to drop 5 guys? Or do roster sizes expand to 35? Sorry if this has been asked previously…I’m just a little confused by how to set that up. Thanks everyone!

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Good question. In most leagues that I have played in, we usually expand the roster size +5 or +10 during the offseason and then have a roster deadline similar to the NFL during the preseason.


Thanks Noah! That’s a good plan…makes sense to do it like that.

You can do it both ways, but I prefer the drop 5 guys strategy. Or treat it like real life, draft your players but then cut the rosters down to 30 before the season begins. Adds to the strategy!