Dynasty startup question for next year

I want to start a new Dynasty league for this next year. Does anybody know when ESPN will open up, to allow new leagues to be formed for the 2019 season?

Don’t have an exact date. Likely several months.

I would highly recommend a site like MFL (if you collect league fees) or Sleeper (if you don’t). Both support dynasty formats and operate year round.

MFL suspended new drafts on Saturday, while they roll forward to 2019. I think they’re starting back up after the Superbowl.

Good to know!

@Kgudmunson I’d like to jump in here and ask a question that may be relevant rather than start a new thread. I’ve just started a dynasty league for those who have never done dynasty. We have 12 teams and are doing it on Sleeper. Because we have guys on 3 different continents we’ll have to do a long draft, 8 hours per pick. I figure it will take as long as 6-7 weeks to do the whole draft as there will be 28 rounds.

Originally I thought we might start the draft in mid-March to have it wrapped up before the NFL draft and then a couple weeks later we’d have our rookie draft. But now it seems we’ll still be drafting in the dark on a lot of players not knowing where they’ll be playing then. The Footballers suggested doing a start up draft around the 1st of May. Is there any reason to draft earlier than that? If we finish by the middle of end of June and then a couple of weeks later have our rookie draft, is there any problem with waiting that long?


One more question. Taxi squads: what settings do I want for that? Right now I have it set that players with up to 3 years experience can be on the taxi squad. And I don’t really want to have the taxi squad used so freely that it just becomes a few more bench spots. Is it OK to allow players to be added to the taxi squad at any time if they qualify? And is 3 taxi squad spots enough? We start 10, have 18 bench spots, 2 IR spots and 3 taxi squads now.

Couple thoughts.

  • I would not expect the draft to take that long (6-7 weeks). I have participated in a league with members from all over the world. Often times you can get a round in a day with a little coordination.
  • In your circumstances, if you are going to wait until the NFL rookie draft before you start drafting Vets, why not draft Vets and rookies together?
  • There is no issue in waiting as long as you suggested other than possibly losing interest from your members.

Separately, my questions back to you is…With 28 man rosters, why do you need/want a Taxi squad at all? Especially if your concern is that it might be “more bench spots.”

Thanks for your response. I actually suggested yesterday that if we want to wait, why not just do one draft instead of two. Someone suggested that trading rookie draft positions would be part of a strategy that we might want. The only other reason I can see is giving us experience at doing a rookie draft which we’ll probably be doing every year since I doubt we’ll ever be able to do an auction.

I think I was mistaken on our roster size. We have 15 bench spots, not 18. When I look at the draft board it shows 18 bench spots, but I think 3 of those would be for the taxi squad. I just read and shared an article about taxi squads and we’re trying to figure it out. I like the idea of having a special place to keep rookies who are not even getting playing time so won’t be started.

Someone asked about suspended players. I don’t want IR spots for suspended players. If someone wants to draft Kareem Hunt, don’t you think they should have to keep him on their bench?