Dynasty Startup Question

About to start our Dynasty league, I plan to take a young RB to build around and I believe both Barkley and Kamara will be available at my pick. Between the two of them, in a PPR, which would you rather build around?

Out of those two - Kamara for me, hands down.

What pick do you have? I wouldn’t necessarily lock into an RB before the draft. See what falls to you.

I am at 6 right now, based on who is ahead of me I believe it will be those two, however I could swap spots with 8 or 9, both are interested, I may end up doing that and one could still fall

barkley. not much to explain there. he is a next gen talent. his worst outcome is still an RB2 and thats if everything goes wrong (not including a career ending injury or arrest obviously, thats the worst outcome) at best he is the greatest fantasy football RB ever. somewhere in the middle is where he will land, and im willing to bet its a top 5 RB. dont get me wrong, i love kamara and what he can do, but his type of running isnt going to always produce like he did last year. they want to keep kamara with a running mate that can do what he cant. so he will always share a backfield in my mind. barkley wont. i mean, he could, but chances are he is going to always have at least 65% of his backfield.