Dynasty startup sleeper app $75 buy in

Starting a dynasty on sleeper have 6 guys need 2-6 more 75 buy in and I have a write up to anyone interested in joining that I can send with more details once league is full we will all discuss more in-depth certain aspects thanks!

Interested. Trinity124 on sleeper. DM me on the sleeper. I’m interested to hear the details

I’m interested. username quik12silver123

what are the league parameters? I’m looking for SF leagues preferable TE prem too.

If you send me your sleeper username I’ll send you the info packet… superflex is a possibility and TE premium is probably a no once the league is full we will all discuss but right now superflex is kind of mixed thoughts from some people

definitely interested. iamfunafuti is the username!

tbbuc5dw is my sleeper

Interested. Mjgarcia86 on sleeper

Grrouchie on sleeper
Would love info

robjerm on sleeper :slight_smile: send info please

still looking for people? sleeper ID: mamolaman20

Sent both of you guys messages on sleeper!

Interested! @BigJetFlacco on Sleeper (if you have spots left)

sleeper is swaggyp999 if still looking for people