Dynasty startup strategy

So I’ve seen that for a startup you would either wanna go all in on the first year or go completely yank mode for the future. I’m guessing if you want to win now you would pretty much take the best guys that will help you now regardless of age and it would line up more with a normal redraft league.

Now say if I was to go full tank mode what would be the best strategy to go with that?

  • Trade down during the draft to acquire more picks?
  • work on getting as many future rookie picks as possible?
  • Would it be okay to take a guy like Mahomes in the first or early 2nd to secure the QB position for years to come?
  • Should I go for Already elite WRs and go for rookie RBs?

Any feedback or maybe links to articles that cover these things would be greatly appreciated. I’m getting ready for dynasty startup and don’t know which route I should take. I was already wanting to grab Mahomes and I’m seeing that others in my league are willing to grab him in the first and I’m getting worried lol

The Ballers say it all the time, be water.

Adjust your team strategy based on how the draft unfold for you, and where you can get value. If a projected 1st round ADP falls to you in the second, take him, and adjust how toy operate moving forward with the players you pick. If you’re finding you have older players but all skilled, go for a title.

All those ideas you listed are viable for building for the future. Trading back to add start up and rookie picks, taking Mahomes early is fine. Have fun with it.

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I appreciate the feedback.

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