Dynasty Startup- Superflex TE premium


I came to the Foot Clan looking for a dynasty startup. I see that there have been several opportunities…that have disappeared quickly.

So, I decided to start a league to give everybody another shot at a spot on a dynasty startup.

I started the My Other Fantasy League on Sleeperbot because it’s easy and free. And because I really really really like dancing unicorns.

I wrote up some BYLAWS LINK

Executive Summary

  • This is going to be a $75/season - 14-team half ppr Dynasty Superflex (w/TE premium 0.5 ppr and QB: 6pt passing TD, -2 INT caveats).
  • Inaugural SNAKE draft w/snake annual Rookie LINEAR-style draft.
  • Annual Rolling pot.
  • No quitters allowed.
  • Don’t talk about Fight Club.

I set up a Leaguesafe.com account to handle all the financials.

I’m using Drafty.com software to host the inaugural draft. I’d like to schedule the draft within a couple of weeks after we get the league filled.

Shoot me a line if you want the invite.

NOTE: I edited to have a Snake inaugural draft in the hopes of increasing recruitment. I changed the rookie draft to Linear because the math favors the higher picks (ie worse teams) a bit more. (bylaw link updated)

Experienced commish here. This is going to be a well-run league. Guaranteed.

If it would bring more interest, I’d lower the dues to $50 or raise them to $100.

Alternatively, anybody know where I could avoid all this work and just join a startup?

9/14 still available.

We’re getting there. Jump on board, this league is gonna happen.

I’m definitely interested.

Cool, any questions for me, or should I send over an invite?

Send over the invite! I’m in!

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8 spots (or less depending on the guys wavering) remaining

Let’s get this bad boy filled so we can draft already. lol

5 spots remaining

I’m interested

4 spots remaining

I was hesistant because I’ve never done an auction draft before, but I see that you have changed it to a Snake draft. I’m very much interested.

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We still need 4 more players before we can draft. $75 startup half ppr.


2 spots remaining

We have decided to do a slow-format draft, it’s gonna help us with scheduling etc.

Join up, we’ll be drafting by Friday!

One last spot remaining.

Full. Thanks.