Dynasty startup time

12 team SF TEpremium startup dynasty. $25 per year through leaguesafe.

1qb/2rb/2wr/1te/3flex/1sf 15 bench, 3 IR, 4 taxi

Join and check the bylaws in the pinned messages or hit me up (springer1) on sleeper for more information! Thanks y’all

are you willing to do an auction draft? i much more prefer knowing my team is not dictated by draft position. i know some folks are not into it, but i figured i would ask. i am debating joining one more league but if i do, i know it will be auction draft.

thank you in advance and good luck with the league regardless!

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I know nothing about auction drafts so I’m going to have to stick with a traditional draft this time

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no worries at all! good luck with your draft.

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