Dynasty startup trade 8/16/18

I’m in a large 16 team dynasty league startup. Trying to get an extra 1st rd pick this year. I currently have 1.06. What would you give up including next years picks for the 1.07?

Gonna be honest, I don’t think you should trade any picks since literally all you have are picks. I’d say wait til next year to grab a second first rounder, but if others in the same league are aggressively trading for higher picks this year then go for it, offer next years 1st round pick.

I want that extra stud early is my thought. Current asking price was minimum my 2nd round pick 2.11 and next years first.

Might be worth it in a 16 team. If you think about it, you’re getting a first round stud for the cost of an actual 2nd round value plus a first round in a draft where nobody from this years first 10 rounds will be in. So that’s actually a pretty solid value, especially if you can get Saquon with one of those.