Dynasty startup trade / Gurley for Kenyan drake and pick

Thinking of offering a trade for Gurley ,
Offering :
Kenyan Drake and a 2020 2nd

Getting :
Todd Gurley
2020 4th round pick

Would this be a fair trade ?
Or am I shooting myself in the foot … :skull:

Not knowing how serious Gurleys knee could affect him , do you guys think it’s worth even offering this trade

would be surprised if the gurley owner made this trade…drake doesnt have the track record or weight to pull this trade off you would prob need to have that step down rb be someone like Jones or kerryon or bring that 2nd round pick up to a 2020 1st. The injury risk is there but also the upside of the best fantasy player is there still.

if they do take this trade its a big win for you…even if you only get a season or 2.

if gurley owner is fearful enough to take this offer, do it. cause that is pretty much stealing unless gurley never plays again.

If I owned Gurley and was offered this, it’s worth more to keep Gurley and see what happens. You’ll need to at least offer a 1st round pick. I don’t think you’ll get any picks in return either. Drake & 1st round 2020 still probably wouldn’t entice me enough to get rid of Gurley. It all depends on how the owner values him.

Lmfao. Cmon man you know this isn’t even close to a fair trade. Gurley owners will laugh you out of the building. The funnies then part about this trade is that you’re asking for a 4th back lmao. Priceless shit.

And this is coming from the strongest Kenyan Drake truther you’ll ever meet.