Dynasty startup trade help

Hey everyone,
Currently have the 4th pick in a startup dynasty league and am planning to get chase🤞 I also would like to get javonte williams and the person with the 12th pick just put up their pick on the trade block. Hopefully I can get javonte with that pick too. My question is what could I offer for that pick without giving up too much. I was thinking my second pick and maybe an 11th round pick. Does this seem realistic and fair for me without giving up too too much. I can offer a 2nd and 7th pick but I feel like that is a lot to offer. What do you guys think. Thanks!

Follow up I was offered the number 12 pick (12 team league) for my 3rd round, 5th round and future 1st round pick…obviously the guy is asking for too much, right?

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Yes. He definitely is asking for too much in my opinion

Thanks…I thought so too