Dynasty Startup trade Question

No draft yet. I am drafting 1.9. Would you trade:

1.3 2019
15.3 2019

2.4 2019
3.9 2019
1.9 2020

NOPE! I personally would never ‘trade up’ in a startup draft.

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Given its a start up, I wouldn’t take the deal. You’ll be missing out on far too much talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Just to be clear it’s first round and fifteenth this year receiving for your second and third rounds this season plus your first round next season?

I Dont think i would do it but it’s really interesting. I don’t think it’s auto reject. I think it has potential to be a great move. Having two of first nine players selected could bring you a really top heavy roster with two of the biggest talents available. Massive gamble as your third best player will be a high fourth round player though. Having something like mccaffrey or Kamara and a premier wr would be a huge advantage over other opponents.

I lean no because if it goes wrong you’ll still be paying for it next season too.

I did a somewhat similar deal in my very first Dynasty startup draft. I traded the 2.8 + 3.8 + 4.8 for the 1.4 (Mahomes). I also ended up with CMC (drafted 1.6), but lost out on a TON of talent in the 2nd/3rd/4th rounds. My team isn’t too bad overall in spite of that