Dynasty Startup Trade(s)

I’m in a HPPR 10tm dynasty league in its inaugural year. Looking to make some moves before the season starts, mostly for fun since my team is pretty balanced (roster below).

There’s a couple owners in my league looking to trade/offload some feature backs like Bell, Chubb, D. Freeman, and Hunt, another with K. Allen on the trading block, and another with Kittle looking for offers.

Any tips or thoughts on making an offer for those guys with my roster?

I was leaning towards K. Allen (safety at WR for dynasty) or D. Freemen (depressed value from injury before possible rebound season). Kittle is tempting but I think his value will be too high after last season. He’s very young though.

I drafted a solid core (Ryan; Zeke, D. Cook; A. Cooper, R. Woods, C. Kupp, A. Jeffrey; H. Henry; flexing L. Miller, Larry Fitz., T. Boyd) with a good bench (Goff; Penny, C. Thompson, Duke Johnson; Gallup, P. Richardson, Enunwa, T. Benjamin (LAC), B. Perriman, J. Watson; Gesicki and Fant) and several rookie RB handcuffs (Mattison, Ollison, Homer, Scarlett).

I’m noticing a trend here with your team

Henry/Benjamin-LAC (plus if you traded for Allen)

With that said, there are some guys on your team I would look to trade away:
Kupp - Coming off injury & Woods is better
Jeffrey - Past prime
Miller - Past prime
Boyd - Low ceiling
Cook - Only played well against bad teams/blowouts

I’m kind of hesitant on Cook, but if it involves me getting someone like Bell or Chubb, then I’d go for it. If you do end up trading away these WRs, make sure you’re getting some WR value in return. By either going for Allen or getting some prospects.

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Thanks for input @Wells_Faine.

What’s your take on Gurley? The Gurley owner in the same league put out that he’s on his trading block. Packaging Cook, Mattison, and maybe Kupp, Jeffrey, or Boyd in exchange for Gurley and N. Harry (Probably via Kupp or Boyd) or J. Landry (via Jeffrey)? Not a huge Landry fan, but he could be a decent/consistent flex in HPPR.

I think now is a good time to trade for Gurley. He’s still going to be a top 10 RB and they paid him a lot of money. A lot of people are talking as if he’s about to retire and he’s only 24 years old. They just want to lighten his load so he’s not so banged up come playoffs. They rode him into the ground last season. If you could go Cook/Mattison & Kupp for Gurley and Harry, I’d jump all over that. Landry and Jeffrey are about even in my book. Landry should get more receptions/yds but Jeffrey has the TD upside. Both players are in a crowded receiving corps and aren’t the #1 target.

Keep in mind, if someone is wanting to trade Gurley right now, it means they have doubt in him and you could get him for a steal.

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