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Dynasty startup trade


14 team ppr startup draft. 2 drafts both snake. Rookie draft is reverse order of the startup draft. I pick at 8 in startup and 6 in rookie. I want to offer a trade to get up to 1.1.
What would be a good offer including rookie picks? Or should I stay put?

I was thinking of offering 1.8 startup 1.6 and 2.8 of rookie and 2018 first for his 1.1 startup and 1.14 rookie.

I have never done a dynasty this deep or a startup with 2 drafts, is this a decent starting point ? Should I start with more or less or just stay where I am ?

Help ! Any feedback is welcome.


I like the way you are thinking. I know it sounds risky but consider shopping your rookie picks around. People vastly over value them start trading them AFTER the startup though. You are probably getting Williams Kareem hunt or Alvin kamara with your 1st rounder and things will only get less certain from there. If you worry about not having youth if you get rid of all your rookie picks, just value second and third year players a little higher in the startup e.g. Josh Doctson