Dynasty Startup - Which pick?

New 12 team dynasty startup. I get to choose my pick position because I won our bracket pool.

Which would you go for and why?


I would tier up players. If your tier 1 has 6 players, I would pick #6.

What about taking #1 and then trading down?

That will depend on how your league value players. For me, I’m happy with 1 to 4 (Gurley, Zeke, Nuk and OBJ). So I wouldn’t be a great candidate for a trade

My sweet spot is always between the turn and the mid point. So in a 12 team league that would be spots 3-4 or 9-10.

Are you able to find a trade partner before committing? Are the rest of the draft slots random?

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I recently went into our startup draft in spot #12 and wasn’t to pleased initially but was able to pickup Gordon and Evans at spots 12/13 and then had the 1.01 in the rookie draft which I traded out for Zeke and multiple firsts. I would happily take this spot again and utilize the value Barkley has in this years draft class.