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Dynasty Startup with 3 Open Spots?

Hey guys. Me and two friends are looking for a dynasty startup to join. Preferably ppr and no SF with a $20-30 buy in. Platform doesn’t matter. Let me know if anyone is doing something like this!

I’m interested in joining.

I have 2 looking or a dynasty. Would you be interested in starting up a new dynasty league?


@dtester68 @CD_Clean hey guys. Was gonna create this startup league soon if you guys are still interested. It would most likely be on espn. Send me a message if you wanna be in.

Yes, I am in. chris_decleene@ymail.com

I’m in. Hopefully I’m not to late!


It sounds like I’m too late, but if not…I’m in.

Nope you’re not too late at all! @mjurgemeyer

Also @mjurgemeyer @dtester68 @CD_Clean it looks like espn shut off creating new leagues till ~May ish. We can start a slow draft on another site, and then I’ll import our draft picks to ESPN once it’s complete. Could you guys dm me your phone numbers so I can create a groupme for us to start discussing some rules? If you guys are all in, we have 7 people currently in the league. I’ll send you all an email too

Could we do a slack group instead?

I’ve got 3 open spots in my PPR, 3 Flex (No SF) startup Dynasty on Sleeper.

Please see my post for full details. https://community.thefantasyfootballers.com/t/1qb-3-flex-1-def-ppr-startup-dynasty-3-open-spots/162922?u=chickenhawk

Thanks and hope to hear for you all!