Dynasty Startup With Rookies

I am going to be taking part of a dynasty startup draft after the NFL draft so rookies will be involved with it as well. Had a couple of questions.

  1. Its a derby draft so do I try to position myself at front of round 1?

  2. Super flex with +6 for Passing TDs. Do i try to take a QB in first round?

  3. When is to soon to start drafting rookies?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me!!!

  1. You should try to at least have 2 QB’s by round 5. Lamar/Mahomes/Watson are round 1 locks, but you can get vets later that can easily get the job done. Don’t wait too long and be stuck with Tom Brady + Philip RIvers or something awful like that, but you don’t need to necessarily draft a QB in round 1.

  2. Burrow in Superflex +6 TD’s is the first pick off the board. Where do you see him panning out? Perrenial pro-bowler hall of fame lock or just a solid starter for 5+ years? If you see him being an elite badass you could argue he should be picked in the first round or two. Last round in my inaugural superflex dynasty (also 6 pt) Jacobs went 4.01(prob was a mistake now and then) and Murray went 4.04, for reference.