Dynasty startup, yahoo, free

As the title says, I’m interested in joining/starting a dynasty league on yahoo. No money involved, yet. Mainly want to have fun and try something new. I can commish if need be, but if anyone is already starting this up let me know!


I’d be in on this if you’re looking at starting

Heck yeah man. I’m looking for 10-12 so once we got a full roster I’ll set something up.

Count me in Anthonykaserruano@yahoo.com

Looking good so far! Including me I got 5 teams. If there are any particular rules or scoring you all want to play by feel free to share. Personally I enjoy things like .5 PPR, IDPs, and FAAB of course. That doesn’t mean we HAVE to do those 3 but we should start discussing how we want our league to look so that when yahoo opens up the online draft rooms we can start early. Unless you all want to wait until after the 3rd or 4th preseason game so you can have as much info about year 1 as possible.

5-7 more spots available, and filling up fast! First come first serve!

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My son and I are looking for a league if any spots are available. les.harrison@nanaimo.ca

How old is your son? My kid wants to play too but I think an 8 year old (while very knowledgeable about football) may compromise the integrity of the league haha. Also I would need your son’s email.

P.S. for those that don’t know you will be required to make a yahoo account. You can still link your personal emails, but you will need to create a login and password.

My son is 25 and his email is steven.william.harrison@gmail.commailto:steven.william.harrison@gmail.com

And we have our 10! Possibly opening up to 12, and you never know if someone will back out so if you still want to join let me know and I can put you on a waiting list of sorts. Here are the emails I got, so double check your spelling. I’ll get to work on setting up the league soon.

And I’m hertel3k@hotmail.com

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Glad to see you got my e-mail. If there is anything I can do to help. Let me know.

Thanks for setting it up!

Can’t wait!

Alas, I have forgotten that yahoo shuts down during the off-season. I’m not sure exactly when they start back up (late May or early June I believe). Regardless, I will set up the league as soon as the site allows me to do so. Until then I have the emails all saved and this thread bookmarked. I’m excited to battle it out with you all for many years to come! I’ll keep you posted!

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Still looking for people? I’m a big fan of the show and I’ve played a lot of redraft but really want to get into dynasty! Would love to join!

I can add you to the current list and if we expand to 12 teams you are in bud! What’s your email?


Thanks! I’d love to be apart of it! Looks like a ton of fun!

If you need a 12th count me in jjmtz1345@gmail.com

If you need a spot filled or are starting a waiting list email me at Dom_ruggeri19@yahoo.com please. Thanks!

Just sent out the invite to the original 11 plus me. I’ve decided I’ll start up a secondary one for the first 11 on the waiting list. That will still leave another 10 or so but I don’t think I can handle 3 footclan dynastys

Also I have not set up all the rules and such yet, just created the league so people can start joining. I’ll work on the rules and rosters throughout the week. Let me know if you all have any suggestions