Dynasty startups kickers

I’ve been getting in a lot of startup dynasties this year and a few of them are using Kickers do determine the Rookie Draft Order. For instance the first person to draft a Kicker gets the 1.01 and so on(so 60 kickers come off the board).

Where would you be willing to draft a kicker?

Are you essentially using kickers in place of drafting rookie startup picks? In my example below team 5 gets the 1.01 and Team 9 gets the 1.02? If so, that is … interesting.

In a dynasty startup I’m drafting CEH at the end of the first/beginning of the second. So I guess a kicker there??

This kinda makes my head hurt. Why not draft the rookies with the vets?

Just adds a different element. In one of them the team at 1.01 traded back to 1.05 and got a 4th and 5th rd pick and than took a Kicker at 1.05 (1.01 rookie pick). Than at 2.12 and 3.01 took Kickers (the rookie 1.03 and 1.04).