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Dynasty Startups


So we’ve noticed the FootClan are getting in more and more Dynasty leagues. So I ask, what is the best thing about dynasty leagues and do you think they are better or worse than redraft/keeper leagues?


For me, after doing redraft for like 5 years now I just wanted a different challenge, so I joined a dynasty start up this month, I enjoy having that franchise feel. Love being able to trade and manage picks. The strategy for roster construction being so different from redraft intrigued me. Big learning experience for me right now


I’ve been playing fantasy football since my freshman year in 1989…and some buddies and I converted a long-standing keeper league to dynasty just three years ago. I absolutely love it and have zero desire to go back. Love thinking long term about players. Love knowing that a great draft decision will pay dividends for 10 years…that I don’t have to throw a great player back into the pool next year. I love having a roster of 30 players and 10 teams, which pushes my knowledge of the players much deeper. I love getting excited about the performance of all my players each week, because for many this will be a development year anyway (i.e. O.J. Howard this year…whom I just took in our rookie draft this week.) Bottom line…I am a fan for life and would recommend it to any league with seasoned players.


The best thing about Dynasty leagues is easily the investment I get to put into my passion 365 days a year. It allows you to get more attached to your players and facilitates numerous amounts of trades since rosters don’t change year after year. This will only be my second year playing dynasty but I already feel like I can confidently say dynasty is better than redraft.


In the midst of a my first Dynasty start-up draft right now! Full of foot clan members. All I can say at this point is that I’m excited by the strategy differences and being able to think about fantasy all off season. I listen to the show year round and want to use that knowledge year round.

We’re just in round 5 of our start-up draft and the trading ability adds so much. A player I really wanted went 2 picks before me in the 4th round. I immediately made a trade offer to the other owner, and got my guy. I’ve never had that option in redraft or 1 keeper leagues.

Plus, playing with all foot clan members… what’s better than that challenge?


Haha, good luck


I largely echo the sentiments expressed above. I think what @JasonFFL and the rest of y’all have created is a “tribe” around fantasy football and most of us are very nerdy, lol. We are definitely more vocal in mid June. If you look at the forums in mid August, we may still be the minority.


They both have their pros and cons.

I continually play both because redraft lets me make decisions based on only 1 year of play, while dynasty lets me make decisions for the long-term.

Plus if your dynasty teams are gonna be brootal for the next few seasons, at least you have redraft to have a shot at a #footclantitle