Dynasty: Stash'em while you can trend's

Amateur Analyst here. Feedback, questions, and input are encouraged.

This is for the Footclan members who are Fantasy Football Dynasty-oholics. Every season and every league roster turnover. There are owners that chase points, there are owners who buy into whatever they’re hearing and then there are the owners who profit off of them.

That is why I am here. Don’t be emotional. Buy low, sell high and ride the wave into the victory circle.

So, rant aside here are a few players to stash 'em while you can because the owner lost faith or because they aren’t currently producing.

  1. Gus Edwards
  2. Corey Coleman
  3. Cam Phillips
  4. Jordan Lasley
  5. Jaleel Scott
  6. Trey Quinn
  7. Jaylen Samuels
  8. Justin Watson
  9. Chris Herndon
  10. Honorable mentions that are already stashed. (Order of least likely to be on the waiver wire)

Corey Coleman:

  • I do not care what you think of his previous production because all I have to say is he played for the Cleveland Browns during the worst time, (2016: 1-15 & 2017: 0-16) and with the worst Quarterbacks.
  • I am a big fan of talented players with a chip on their shoulder. He didn’t want to play 2nd team, wanted to be traded and is just waiting to prove himself.
  • A first rookie first round pick that you don’t have to pay a 1st round price tag for.

Gus Edwards:

  • RB is a tough position to fill. He played ahead of Buck Allen and Alex Collins is not that great. Anyone can fill the position and having that guy before he’s needed is a game changer.

Cam Phillips

Everyone else Ill post about, but they have the talent, but not the opportunity. A few of them are “IR” or “Out” so you can stash them on your IR bench and wait until they are activated. Let me know if you have questions.