Dynasty Superflex (half-PPR, 6-point TD)

Hi Footclan/Footballers,

I’m struggling to determine the value of the QB position ahead of my Dynasty Superflex draft. I’ve done a ton of Mocks and find myself with a different decision each time at the 1.06 in a 10-team league. Either I draft the next QB up (Burrow/Kyler), or the next best player (typically Chase or Jefferson). If I wait on QB, I end up with Hurts or Watson as my QB-1 in the 2nd, or perhaps Stafford/Lance in the 3rd. Is it worth waiting on QB in a superflex and just play the legends the first couple years? Or should I pull the trigger on a QB early and miss out on a top player?


Ridley me this, Batman.

Two starting QBs?

If top tier QBs are gone, I’d hit elite WRs that are younger. Probably Jefferson, than try and stack with cousins. You might be able to pick up Dak in the 3rd.