Dynasty Take Over Rebuild Trades

Just took over a dynasty team and need to start a rebuild.

PPR 12 team league with 2 RB, 3WR, 1 TR, 1RWT flex.

Previous owner traded Julio for Lataviaus Murray, Trequan Smith and 1st this year, the first is the 1.12. Other 1st is 1.04.

QBs: Cam, Eli, Flacco, Mason Rudolph (Eli and/or Flacco are getting shot into the sun when we cut down rosters pre draft)
RBs: Carson, Mack, Devanta Freeman, L Murray, Ehklar, Mike Davis, Ballage (teams “strength”)
WR: Desean Jackson, Keke Coutee, Corderale Paterson, Cobb Hurns, Trequan Smith (very much the weakness of team)
TE: Hooper, Geslicki (also very bad)


Looking to make some trades to unload RB and get back draft picks or WR’s

Been offered 1.05 for Mack and Geslicki, If i took this i’d have 4, 5, 12 and 16 pick in the draft. Would be able to get 2 WR’s, 1TE and 1RB this year as i know my team sucks right now and i’m not exactly playing to win a championship this year.

Any WRs people think we should target? i want to go after Anthony Miller or james washington but think they would be too expensive and we aren’t at a team building point where trading draft assets for WRs is the smart play

1.05 seems pretty cheap for Mack…
As far as WRs go, maybe St Brown, or MVS, on GB? I’m not sure how deep you need, but both have big upside

yeah he wasn’t Mack and Geslicki.

Told him i’d probably want his 2.05 if i traded both.

was offered 2.06 and 3.06 fro Freeman, but the 3rd doesn’t do me much good since i already have an extra 1. the 3rd would be my 6th pick

Yeah I wouldn’t trade both without the 1 and the 2. Maybe you can get a 2 this year and a 2 next year for freeman?

Guy who wan’ts Freeman has the 1.11

I countered with the 1.11 and 2.06 for Freeman. we will see.

wanna start my rebuild but want to get a feel for the league before i make any big decisions. Plus want to see where the rookies end up so i can work on a draft straegy.

Targeting WRs and a TE for sure

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Yeah that’d be ideal. I’m not high on this years rookie class, but if you’re looking for WR and TE this is where you want to stack your picks