Dynasty targets after startup draft

Completed our 8-man dynasty start up draft last week, full PPR. 2 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 4 FX, 16 BN.
QB: D Jones, Roeth, Teddy, T Taylor
RB: Kamara, Mixon, Gibson, McKissic, Edmonds, Lindsay, G Edwards, McFarland
WR: D Adams, Hill, Godwin, Lockett, C Davis, Aiyuk, C Samuel, Agholor, Gage, Pittman, T Marshall
TE: Hockenson, Tonyan, Ebron, Trautman

Obviously bias towards my side but I love my RB/WR combo’s and feel as though I am a chance this year despite the QB’s (purposely went late, hoping to get Brady or Tannehill).

  1. Do you think this team is competitive this year?
  2. Potential trade targets and who to offer for them? (example: what could I expect in return for Gibson?)


-I was pick 8 and contemplated Kelce/Kittle on the turn, I don’t think that would of been the best move.

You are correct–especially when Kamara falls to pick 8. Sheesh, I just assumed it was an auction league–how the fork do you get Kamara, Adams and Hill in a snake draft picking last???

Why can’t I ever draft with chimps?

That said, you’re pretty weak at QB for an 8 team league, even though you made some solid late choices. Luckily you start 2 QBs so you’ll get to average them. Same thing kind of goes for the TEs. So it will be interesting, in an 8 team league, to see if your strengths at RB and WR can overcome your deficiencies at QB and TE.

And why do you have Gus Edwards listed at the end of your bench with the scrubs? He’s like your RB3 with Dobbins done for the season!

There were some poor picks for sure but still a solid early few rounds. Think the late picks were played well, while they all snatched up QBs I could go early on those top RB/WRs. Edwards will be moved up :wink: drafted the day the injury happened and more has evolved now (back ups etc).

That’s the dumbest draft I’ve ever seen. But at least it makes my point about scooping up the falling studs while everyone else is losing their minds for QBs.

Any sensible drafter would have waited on a QB til the 7th round, and come away with Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford and Zach Wilson. Heck, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Tannehill and Matt Ryan went undrafted!

It’s not just the QBs–when you only look at the non-QB players drafted, this was the draft order:

Christian McCaffery
Alvin Kamara
Nick Chubb
DK Metcalf
Derrick Henry
Saquon Barkley
Jonathan Taylor
Justin Jefferson
Dalvin Cook
Tyreek Hill
Davante Adams
AJ Brown
Oh, there you are Aaron Jones…


I want to fistfight this entire draft.

What are the standout failures? I’ll throw some shade at leaguemates for it haha

Team 4 looks strong. Never played in an 8 team league starting 14 players, but I think you’re going to want at least one solid QB and you can stream from the bench for the other start. I don’t even know if Tyrod is going to be streamable this year. Are you missing 2 people from your roster? I only count 28.

I mean it’s just not worth going into. It’s like literally every pick can be questioned–and most of them can be outright ridiculed. I mean, every person who passed on Ezekiel Elliott between pick 2 and pick 36, when he was finally drafted, can be mocked mercilessly for NOT picking Ezekiel Elliott. And that’s just for starters.

"Yeah, I picked Zeke fifth in our dynasty startup draft."

"Fifth overall? That’s not so weird."

"No, fifth round…"