Dynasty TE Trade Advice

Dynasty - .5 PPR - 12 man league.

I’m in need of a TE. I have OJ Howard and Dawson Knox. I lost Njoku earlier in the year (on my IR now), and I’m about to drop Watson for someone on waivers. However, there isn’t much on waivers in our league with the deep benches.

I sent out a trade offer for Waller, and the owner countered with this: I give up O.J. Howard and a 2020 second round pick to get Waller.

Here’s the deal, I have 2 first round picks and 3 second round picks for next season. I’m currently 2-3 and while I don’t have a guaranteed playoff team, I feel as if I could make it if I get a TE and some players (like DeAndre Hopkins) start getting me some points. I have an injured team that could make a second half of the season run. I just don’t think it’s possible without some points coming in from TE. However, I feel like I’m giving up a lot to get Waller. Howard has talent and is in his 3rd year of his rookie contract. He could end up somewhere else and be successful in the coming years. A second round pick in 2020 could be a huge upgrade for my team next year.

So, I’m left with 3 choices.

  1. Take the trade.
  2. Counter with Knox & a 2nd rounder and hope he just wanted the draft pick.
  3. Reject the trade and pick up Izzo, Swaim, Hurst, Fells, Akins, or one of these other yahoos.