Dynasty TE trade. Should I make it?

I’ve got Hunter Henry and Trey Burton as my TE’s.

I’ve offered Burton for Evan Engram straight to the Trubisky owner, making the stack seem intriguing. Also played that Burton had a better season to Engram last season.

Engram is 3 years younger and with OBJ leaving might be a good trade for me if he sees more targets.

What do yall think?

Engram is a million times more valuable than Burton. If they accept that you take it and run, but they won’t.


Yepp Iam a owner of Engram and i would not accept in a million years. If he does you’re a hero

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Burton is not very good lol. And Trubisky is even worse although Eli is the worst of them all.

But after the OBJ trade, might end up in the same situation as the year before where Engram gets peppered with targets again given he’s honestly the best WR on the team now. This trade isn’t even remotely close to fair tbh so if you can pull it off, def take it and run.

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Engram over Burton everyday

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If you sell him on the stack and he agrees you’ve made a massive steal.


I sold the stack. Deal made

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That’s bonkers!

It looks like a landslide win on your side. I suppose anything can happen but right now I’d feel really satisfied with the trade If I were you.

Yeah if he goes for this then you found a sucker. EE is going to be great

Take it and RUN if you can get it. I am a bears fan and I do not value Burton extremely high. I am actually trying to get either Engram or Njokuo in a league right now.