Dynasty Team Needs New Owner!

Hey guys! I have a dynasty team that needs a new owner. It’s a half PPR, 10 team league. Free agency starts on Wednesday in our league. You have $100 FAAB and waivers run once a day. There’s a 4 player taxi squad that is for rookies only. Most of the rookies you draft will end up here. It’s a $50 buy-in and I’d need your money upfront. Tie breakers in this league are head to head matchups followed by points scored. Top 3 in each division get in the playoffs. Top of each division gets the bye week. The bottom 4 teams do a playoff and if you win the loser’s playoff you win the 1st overall pick, and 2nd place wins the 2nd overall pick, etc… Here’s the roster.

D. Watson
K. Drake
A. Kamara
J. Jefferson
C. Ridley
R. Tonyan
S. Diggs
M. Jones
N. Folk
M. Vikings
R. Tannehill
J. McKissic
R. Jones
K. Johnson
P. Lindsay
G. Edwards
S. Watkins
A. Hurns
N. Agholor
D. Funchess
D. Bryant
M. Boykin
A. Hooper
D. Knox
J. Slye
T. Cohen
J. Reagor
A. McFarland
D. Asiasi

Let me know if interested!

I would absolutely love to join!! 9/10 year fantasy player, borderline too active in FF lol!! Only been a co-owner in dynasty for a few year really looking to get my own little baby email is jvest2335&gmail.com let me know :)!!

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For obvious reasons, I would LOVE to have this team, curious about the platform it is on :)?

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It’s on the Sleeper app!

What’s your Sleeper username?

@Sadron :)! I have found myself joining a handful of leagues this weekend, would need to do league does on the 26th, so not this coming up Friday but the following, hopefully that’s soon enough!!

Spot still open? Interested if so. @BigJetFlacco on Sleeper