Dynasty thoughts

I am in a 12 team 1/2 ppr, 8 keeper dynasty league. 9 bench spots and 1 IR slot. I am having an issue with this being called a dynasty with only 8 keepers, and the bench seems small with only 9 spots. On more than one occasion I had to give up on rookies in the win now mode. Any suggestions on how to make it better?

Current keepers
S. Barkley
Dalvin Cook
James White
M. Evans
A. thielen
OJ Howard
Alshon Jeffrey

2nd is Deontae Foreman worth being my 8th keeper over guys like…
Keke coutee
Dak Prescott
Tom Brady
I hate to put a young RB back into the pool.

Personally, a league of this structure is my least favourite. I would label this a keeper league and not a dynasty. How do your keeper rules work? Round penalty?

When there are 8 keepers, presumably great players, you’re left drafting the scraps each year. Scat backs, 3rd/4th string wide receivers, TE2s (Eww!) and QBs for the bottom half of the league.

There are three clear ways to make it better in my opinon. Assuming the group of people are great, either reduce to 1-3 keepers or make it a full dynasty league. With dynasty you still have a rookie draft - so the draft enthusiasts can scratch that itch. The third assumes you don’t care for the group of people. Go find another league! There are thousands with every combination of setting and variation. Life is too short to hate (or dislike) you league!

To answer your second question, I much prefer Coutee over Foreman. As mentioned, I don’t look at this as a dynasty league at all. I would be constantly trying to win now and would choose keepers to do so. With a roster of only 18 players, I’m not wasting a keeper on a guy like Foreman.


“Not a lock” and “keeper” are like oil and water. Don’t mix.

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