Dynasty Tips

Hey Footclan,

I’m the commissioner of a dynasty league and we’re headed to our first offseason. We use ESPN for the regular seaosn and I was curious if any of you used a different system during the offseason to better handle the changes that happen offseason in a dynasty league.

Thanks for any of your help

You can either track off-season moves with an Excel sheet for the off-season or you can try Fleaflicker which is a free site that runs through the off-season and will track all those trades and rookie picks. The league year for that site isn’t until mid Feb but you can input your league info and rosters and then send out invites when the league year rolls over. MFL is a paid site and has more customization then you can even think and is open all year round and has an unlimited possibility.

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Does your league have fees? If so I would seriously suggest moving to MFL. It’s only $5ish dollars per team a year and makes being the commish so much easier!

I will admit that my first year using it was a challenge. However it does get easier and easier. Ultimately I have come to love it. I can do research on the league and players that is unparalleled.

If you and the league mates are serious about Fantasy then give it a try,

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