Dynasty trad please help

I have christian mccafery and someone wants to trade me amari cooper, calvin Ridley, and pick 1.02 of the rookie draft. Should I make the trade?

That is descent return, but not enough. CMC is posibly a top 4 pick in a 1QB dynasty startup draft. That deal is “fair value” but you need someone to over-payed.

Are you a contender in this league? Are you rebuilding?

I would strongly recommend against taking that trade. CMC in Dynasty is one of the top picks in my opinion. Would take a boatload to get him away from my team.

I’m kind of in the middle. I have been 4th place two years in a row. I currently have cam, cmc, no rb 2. Mike Evan’s, alshon,Pettis, ebron. I had marlon mac but after playing with stafford and dalton as my QBs for the past two years (took over team 2 years ago) I had to trade him for cam.

The middle is the worst. From my perspective your either a contender or “should be” rebuilding.

This is not enough value back for CMC. I’d want another player that can put you into the contending category or more picks to compensate for the lack of that if you want to rebuild.

Thanks for the feed back everyone. The consensus seems like I should hold onto mccafery.