Dynasty Trade 1.01 trading back

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First off… let me start by saying it’s nice to hear Andy back at full strength… the pre pubescent welcome in was rough

So here it is… 2QB, 10 team Dynasty League

I give up the 1.01 and OJ Howard for George Kittle, his man lungs, and the 1.04.


For context I have Baker, Wentz, and Minshew for my QBs… Mark Andrews for my current TE1 and am relatively shallow at RB with Kerryon as my RB3

I think it depends on how you feel about Jonathan Taylor (if you’re looking to bolster your RB with that first round pick). You’re almost certainly not going to get him at 1.04 but you’ll be able to get Swift or Dobbins (unless the RBs go 1-2-3 which isn’t likely). If you’re ok with that, or aren’t even planning on drafting an RB with your first, I say take the trade; it’s definitely an upgrade to me.

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OJ Howard will bounce back…hes not Kittle but 1.01 could be drastically better then 1.04. There are a few top guys at RB this year…but your getting the top guy that landed in the best spot…plus you have andrews to fall back on if howard has a rough year…I’m holding Howard…he just gained one of the best TE targeting QBs in the history of the game…