Dynasty Trade - 1/2 pt ppr

Quick review of dynasty trade 1/2 pt ppr.

Team A: trade away Moncrief and 2021 1st round pick

Team B: trade away Kareem Hunt and Fitzpatrick

If team A is in a rebuilding mode, I guess getting hunt would be good and would lean towards team A winning this trade since it is hard to gauge the value of the first rounder since it is 2021 and you don’t know where the pick is in the first round

It’s really Hunt for Moncrief and a 2021 1st as Fitz is likely half a season then done in Miami - even with a full season unless this is two QB his value is near zero at this stage in the career.

Team A wins by a lot for me. Moncrief is average and Luck made him look better than he was, i don’t think he’ll be much of a factor with the Steelers plus he could get overtaken by Washington and be the number 3 WR and 4th target if you include Connor and RBs targets. 2021 first unless its top 2/3 is tough to value but outside the top 3 take the known in Hunt.

Hunt could be on a new team next year as a starter again, has the talent to do so or be in a decent time share in likely a very good offense with Chubb so i’d take him in this deal in a heartbeat.

Thanks for the input!