Dynasty Trade 10 team full PPR

Would you guys trade Hopkins for Golladay and the 1.03 this year? I wouldn’t say I have a championship roster so it’s more of rebuild. This trade would make me have the 1.02 and 1.03 this year. Full PPR league


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roster construction certainly matters, but given the limited info and that you are considering a rebuild - not a slam dunk, and def some rookie risk, but I would seal the deal. maybe ask for a late rd swap as you can always get a premium for studs espeially if they are going to teams trying to win NOW

  • Golladay + Top Rookie RB/WR (Taylor, Swift, Jeudy, Lamb) for Hopkins would be a no-brainer to me
  • fantasypros has a good dynasty trade value chart, pretty fair value there and has you winning
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Thanks for the input, the trade ended up being me getting golladay, 1.03, and fant for Hopkins, my third round, and oj Howard.

My team is definitely a rebuild (even more so now) but I will get 2/4 of those top rookies so hopefully that builds a solid core for my team moving forward

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I think you did really well in that trade. You are on to a strong rebuild and probably won even if you were not rebuilding. I like it for your team without even knowing the roster.