Dynasty Trade (1st time poster, I'll hang up and listen)

Looking for confidence to accept or decline the following trade proposed to me:

I would receive
I Bent My Wookie trades away
Allen, Keenan (Expires 2021)
Murray, Kyler (Taxi Squad, 3 year contract to begin when activated)
Gurley II, Todd (Expires 2022)

I Trade Away
Kranz trades away
Diggs, Stefon (Expires 2020)
Carson, Chris (Exipires 2020)
Prescott, Dak (Expires 2020)

MY Team:

Baker Mayfield
Chris Carson
Alvin Kamara
Stefon Diggs
Cooper Kupp
Tyler Lockett
Travis Kelce
LA Rams

Dak Prescott
Royce Freeman
Adrian Peterson
D.J. Moore

Taxi Squad: (Can be activated any time with a 3 year contract)
Derrius Guice
Rashaad Penny
Kenny Golladay
Christian Kirk
Deebo Samuel

Thanks, Looking forward to input!

Is there any available QB’s on waivers that you could pick up? That’s pretty much the only thing holding me back from saying yes. I don’t feel great about having Baker as your end all be all starter and Kyler sticking around on the taxi waiting to maybe get good?

You are trading youth and health however for injury risk and contract length.

Todd Gurley has some questionable knees from the reports right now, he may be on the decline. However, you are buying what, 3-4 years of usage of him? I think he could certainly last in the league that long, but the question becomes how many games per season will you get out of him?

Keenan Allen is getting up there with age, and before the last 2 seasons where he played the full season, he had a bit of an injury history. Makes you wonder how long he’s going to stick it out especially with Rivers getting up there in age. They’ve been in “win now” mode for several years but haven’t put it together yet, a serious injury or Rivers retiring could send them in to full rebuild mode.

Kyler Murray is the interesting part of the trade. That would have with back to back 1st overall pick QB’s on your roster with a ton of potential. I just worry it might take a year or 2 for him to take off, which leaves you with only 1 QB on your roster. Baker gets injured and your screwed.

On the flip side, what you are losing are 3 guys, all healthy on good teams with no questions as to who they are. Dak is fighting to get a new contract, and if he doesn’t take it with Dallas then he could go elsewhere as soon as next year. Carson is set to be the lead back on a run heavy team, and is a current favorite of mine and someone i am especially targeting in drafts. Diggs is what he is, a good WR2 and that’s just fine.