Dynasty trade 2 qb legue

Would you trade James Washington for Lamar Jackson in 2 qb legue my QBs are Watson carr Mariota and dalton I have lots of young wr

I think its interesting. I’m not a believer in Washington but he is currently flashing in camp. This means he may be a valuable piece (historically the WR2 in Pit is VERY valuable) or this means they hype train is real and his value will not be higher. So, in a vacuum I would hold him and not make the trade. See if Washington really is the real deal; you have enough with Carr and Mariota/Dalton to make it work for a few weeks.

I probably wouldn’t considering your 4 current QB’s. You have Watson who is a top tier play this season and Carr could be a top 12 QB this year with the weapons they added. Mariota and Dalton are much less exciting but you have the serviceable depth there. If you really wanted to win this year it might be a good trade but otherwise I’d hold 'em.

Thanks for the input

Take Jackson, Carr projected for 25.