Dynasty Trade #2

I just traded David Johnson and the number 6 pick to aquire the 1:01. I’m stoked! Any thoughts? This is my second trade of the weekend and it’s exciting. I have Kamario and McCaffrey to go along with Saqoun now. Just buying more years for my RB core essentially. Again I’d love to talk about it!!

Damn Kamara, Barkley & McCaffrey…
If hype around McCaffrey is real you’ll be a contender for awhile. How are your WR’s?

Not as strong. I just aquired Sammy Watkins and Diggs via trade. Also have Cooper Kupp, Corey Coleman :roll_eyes:, Allison, Devante Parker, Martavous Bryant, Trent Taylor, Taywan Taylor and Chris Godwin. Lots of upside, but no studs at this point.

Yeah I don’t mind that, Consistency in RB’s makes up for lack of stud WR… I’d take that anyday

Right. I have hope for most of my wr core. Just waiting for the final product.

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