Dynasty Trade 3/20

Trade D.Hop for “Scary Terry” and the 1.02 2.02?? 10 Team Dynasty 1pt ppr. 2 flex

I would want more for Nuk in a 10 team league (unless the rosters are super deep).
Maybe Terry, 1.02, 2.02 and another first or really early second to get me interested

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I am not telling you to take it, or to pass, but wanted to layout how I am looking at this. There are too many variables to know if this is good for you, but perhaps looking at all the angles will make it more clear? For what we know, I do not hate it but I do not love it. Because of that, I wanted to pass along my thoughts. I hope some of it helps!

I am actually not too far off on this. I would try for another piece, but you are getting a young talented WR and 2 pretty good picks. I am one of those who is not super psyched about Hops new landing spot though. I do not see doom for him by any means, but their approach / philosophy is spreading the ball around. If he becomes a funnel, that would present a massive change in ARI offensive approach and I do not see that happening. Hop will probably be the first read, but not the focal point like he was in HOU. I think his QB play is similar but not an upgrade at this point. I see him losing some of his value, but not enough to really “worry” about him. He is, after all, Nuk! I still see him as a top 10, and probably top 6, for this season.

Getting a younger WR and two early picks is not bad, especially in dynasty. You could add a top end RB at that spot and still grab another WR at the 2.02. That could go a long way to upping your overall squad. I can see that. I would see if you can even drop into 2021 to get another pick. Even another 2nd would help.

In the end, I try to look at the overall structure of my team, which we do not know for your case. If I think I am remotely going to contend this season, I am probably keeping Hop. If I think I am in that 5th-7th place I am taking the trade and hoping the picks add into my depth. IMHO, strong depth wins dynasty over a single stud. Unless you play shallow starting line ups, that depth will help you out week over week, and with the youth it could be year over year. It all depends on you team within your league at the moment.


thanks for the thyme brother if I got rid of DeAndre Hopkins I would have Sutton Golladay Christian Kirk

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You are welcome. Do you know you are a contender this year? If not, I’d make the trade.

I know letting a stud leave is tough. Especially with a still unproven coming in Scary Terry but I think he looks legit. Not sure how good WAS is going to be, but his talent looks real. When you can then load in another high end rookie RB and a solid WR or best player available at the 2.02, i think it is totally worth it. Your team gets a big boost.

I am guessing you still have other picks as well, since you are only moving a player? If so, this is even more gravy for the rebuild team. If not, you land 2 coveted picks and a budding young player. It might seem like a loss now, but in a two year span it could also look like a massive win. IMHO, I play dynasty for the win, but I plan for the long haul. If no win window ATM, get that future looking bright.

Just my thoughts. I hope they help!

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I won the last year made it back this year I feel like I can make it this year but I love adding a decent RB and I have Zeke and Cook as my main 2 backs and their handcuffs as well

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Whoa! If that is your backfield and you can add another stud to your stable, grab an young WR and another good early round 2 pick I think it makes some sense. Of course losing Hop will hurt a bit, but I think over time it is a good move. Plus you can always trade a RB if you need to for a young WR if needed. They seem to be the heavier ammo for trades.

Do you have other picks in the 1st and 2nd? And congrats on winning and being close the following year.

Yes I would still have the 1.90and a 2.09

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Smoke! You would have some nice additions to your team. Good luck this season :muscle:

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