Dynasty trade 3 for 3, involving Metcalf and Sutton

Full ppr

I give Metcalf, Hurst, Justin Herbert in return I get Sutton, Gesicki, Lock. My other qbs are Josh Allen, Goff, Taysom Hill.

My Other top wrs are Landry, Gallup, Anthony Miller, Lazard, Josh Reynolds.

Make the trade? No superflex

I’d keep Metcalf and Hurst over the other two. Hurst is in a position to be a top tier TE this year and is on a better offense. DK is in the same boat as Sutton, probably going to be the #1 this year on a low volume run first offense; but he’s on a better offense with less competition for targets.
Just my two cents

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I agree with this statement.

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I agree with the others, keep Metcalf & Hurst. I like Herbert too.

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I was offered Allen Robinson, Drew Lock, a 2021 3rd rounder for my Metcalf, Herbert, and a 2021 2nd round pick. Should I take that offer? I also already currently have Anthony Miller on my team.

I do like the Allen Robinson more then Metcalf but he is on the tail end of his career. He could go to a whole new team and flop. I would stick with your current team. It depends if you are going for the win this year or later?

I wouldn’t. Keep what you have there.

That’s really close for me. In a full ppr, A-Rob is a stud. And Lock has shown competence at least, Herbert is unproven. It’s a fairly even trade but I lean towards Robinson and Lock