Dynasty trade, .5ppr...trade Thielen?

.5ppr dynasty, 1QB 2RB 3WR 2FLEX. The league-mate in question specifically has targeted Thielen/Westbrook/Cole and I wanted to offer them this trade but I wanted to see if its a terrible idea or not lol. Should I ask for more? Am I asking too much? These dynasty trades make my head spin but I am obsessed!!! Haha thanks!! :football:

I give:
Adam Thielen
Dede Westbrook
Keelan Cole

They give:
Mark Ingram
Chris Hogan
Jamison Crowder

my WRs are:
A Thielen, Marvin Jones, K Stills, R Matthews, D Westbrook, K Cole, A Wilson, L Treadwell

my RBs are:
T Gurley, Jamaal Williams, Duke Johnson, M Lynch, TJ Yeldon

Thanks footclan!! :footprints:

I don’t like it…You giving up a lot for a older RB and to So so WRs

I’d much rather have what your giving up

The best player in the trade is Thielen. I like the returning players but I would try to take advantage of the 3 players they are interested to get two high quality players back. Can you get Ingram and another WR? Higher tier then Crowder?

i wouldnt. you DESTROY your WRs, and get nothing great back. mark ingram is older (not by much, only a year but thats like 3 years in RB years) but still a good player. its just that thielen is just as good respectively. yeah man i hold off unless you get something much better in return.