Dynasty trade- A.Rodg/Adams

12 team ppr dynasty
Receive Rodgers, Adams,
for Watson, Landry, 1.8 (figures to be 1 of the top 3 WRs or maybe RJ2?)

Is giving up the youth a bad idea?
I don’t have a ton of depth but am in win now mode.

If it took an extra pick to get it to go through, is that too much?

Thx for any thoughts.

I actually don’t mind this trade at all. You will still get 4-5 elite years from Rodgers and his current number 1 receiver. Watson was straight FIRE which means you know a regression is coming. Same for Landry as he is no longer in his perfect situation in Miami. Finally the rookie pick is a stab in the dark anyways. I say do the trade and you can always ship off Rodgers and Adams a year or two early for some draft picks or something down the road to a “win now” team.

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I agree, do the trade. I think the value Watson and Laundry have right now is the highest they are going to be, so if you can get Rodgers and Adams you’re making a great move.

Watson is primed to regress to the mean and Laundry, with being in CLE is not going to see as many targets as he has in the past with the other WR’s they have.

I would do this in a heartbeat. This person is DRASTICALLY over valuing Watson. I think you’re getting the two best players over the next 3 years, at least.

Thanks for the help.