Dynasty trade about to go down

Half PPR, QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, FLEX, 1 Superflex.

I’ve agreed to trade my Kupp, Moss and a 2022 1st (which I’d acquired along with Kupp in a trade for my Dobbins) for Zeke.

I’m really weak at RB - I have Dalvin Cook, Ingram, Mattison, Harris, Penny and McKinnon. I have Hopkins, Golladay and Allen at WR (Along with Gage, D Jax and Marvin Jones for depth) so figured I could lose Kupp for a genuine work horse like Zeke.

My logic is I’ve basically ended up trading Dobbins and Moss for Zeke.

Am I doing the right thing here or will it be a disaster that I’m talking myself into because I’ve always liked Zeke?

Do you consider yourself a contender?

Value wise, its a good trade. However, Zeke does not appear to be producing right now. That whole cowboys offence is lousy.

Last year was our first year and I finished runner up. Thought I was a contender this year but I’ve had some tough defeats - looking at getting to 3-4 if I can hold on to the win this week.

Hoping to scrape the playoffs and then make a real push next year. Would you take Zeke in my position?

i think zeke is gonna be worthless soon idk why i just feel like the cowboys might move on

I have massive hesitation to buy Zeke. Not sure if that’s a minority opinion or not.

This went through today - I’m really happy with it and amazed that people are freaking out about Zeke after a couple of bad performances. He is elite and will work things out imo (or am I just telling myself this?!).

not a professional here… but i would let Zeke go, using Winstrol Stanozolol