Dynasty trade--accept or decline?

Standard league, I’d get carson, clement, and the 28th pick for the 11th pick and beasley. I’m good on WRs, but don’t have much for RBs. Thoughts?

Imo I’d rather just keep the 11th pick. But if you really want Clement then you might want to do the deal.

Keep the 11th. If Philly hadn’t added Sproles to the backfield Clement would be more valuable. Who are some of the options you expect to be available with the 11th?

Everyone is going RB with the first 8, so it’ll probably be someone like Sutton or Miller

I def prefer the 1.11 and Beasles side of this trade over Carson, Clement, and the 28th pick. Purely from a value perspective. Moore/Sutton/Ridley are going to hold more value then Carson/Clement. If you need RB then try to get guys like Collins/Mack/Hyde who will def get touches as opposed to those mentioned above.

Who are your RBs?

I am assuming you are talking picks in the rookie draft, correct? If so, i think the potential you get at RB with Carson is underrated right now, and Clement will be worth it going forward. In rookie drafts you are not getting an RB with the talent of either those two players, and we have seen them do it in the NFL already.

I am talking about the rookie draft. Right now, my RBs are Barkley (I have the first pick), Crowell, Sproles, Perine, and Demarco Murray…so not much

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To clarify I was suggesting acquiring Collins/Mack/Hyde type players through trade. Assets with known work or opportunities as a workhorse. Neither Carson or Clement can be projected as a RB2.

In a rookie draft, I would give up my 11th for those guys. I think the talent you can get at 28 is not so different from what you could get at 11 for the RB position as everyone after the top 8 or so are all rolling the dice. Just my thoughts.

You will still need to get something more substantial there, but the pick does not really make a difference to me in this draft and Beasly will not win your league anyway.

As @fun4willis mentions you might want to package guys to upgrade, but i think Carson and Clement can help you out.

That’s the problem I’ve been having trying to get better players through trades, nobody wants what I have unless it’s the #1 pick. I’m trying to build slowly from the ground up at this point

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can you post your roster?

QBs: Wentz, Cousins, Brees, Smith
WRs: Davis, Garcon, Tate, Edelman, Goodwin, Godwin, Parker, Beasley, Decker
RBs: Crowell, Sproles, Perine, Gillislee, D. Murray
TEs: Henry, Graham, Eifert, Brate

I would take the trade. No WR you get at 11 is going to make better trade bait than the lot you already have.

Moving forward you will have 2 RBs that are definitely good and will have chances either on their current team or when traded. For now, having Sproles (the potential sinker of Clement this year) as well is a good thing as you double the chance to have a relevant back in an explosive offense this year, but almost certainly going forward. I will not be surprised if Carson keeps a strong share of SEA. But if traded, what we saw was a guy who could own a backfield (from his admittedly short rookie season).

Looks like you are in a deep league…like a 16 team league? Is that right?

I fully agree, which is why I liked the trade in the first place. And it’s only a 10 team league…the top teams are somehow extremely stacked. This is my first year in this league

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Do you have any other picks?

I would try talk to owners of players you want and see what they think. IMHO, the goal is to try and land an RB or two in the Collins / Drake / Ajayi / Miller / Ingram area. Package some names and upside guys (to hopefully get in on the hype) and then flip that for someone who seems shaky / ambiguous yet can still potentially deliver high RB2 numbers. I do not think you can land an RB1 with your roster, but you can trade many redundant pieces for one solid choice.

Here is a trade chart (I think you can see it): https://www.fantasypros.com/2018/04/fantasy-football-dynasty-trade-value-chart-april-2018-update/

It covers rough values for players to help get a sense of what is a good trade. I have found you might need to overpay ‘costs’ to get pieces you want, but at least you can figure some of it out ahead of time and it might give you leverage in your offers (or at least justification).