Dynasty Trade Advice (1/2 PPR, SF, start 2 TE)

Which side would you prefer in a 12 team SF with 1/2 PPR and start 2 TE (!!) Team A is contending and Team B is in the lower 1/2 of the league.

Team A (contending) receives:
S. Darnold
B. Cooks
K. Hunt
Duke Johnson
Trey Burton
Mid to early 2020 2nd

Team B (mid pack/rebuilding) receives:
M. Stafford
D. Guice
DJ Moore
Late 2020 1st

I strongly prefer the pieces that Team A receives. So much so that I’d be surprised that Team B would accept the offer.


It’s Team A by a landslide. If you are getting that deal, take it and run!

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